Village Design Statement

For anyone interested in the detailed history of Thornton-le-Street, we have a Village Design Statement (VDS) which is filled with interesting and useful information. We would encourage anyone with an interest in the village to read this excellent and thoroughly researched document.

Thornton-le-Street’s VDS is adopted by Hambleton District Council and is therefore a ‘material consideration’ for proposed developments and planning applications in Thornton-le-Street.


This Village Design Statement aims to promote good design in rural Thornton-le-Street; to provide local guidance for development proposals and to influence planning decision-making, so any new development is designed and located to respect local characteristics that are valued by the community.

It adds to general policies by providing an assessment of the village itself, giving a local flavour to help officers interpret policies for applications in Thornton-le-Street.


It ensures that changes are based on a considered understanding of the past, the present and the foreseeable future of the village, to secure the best outcomes for the village when changes take place, and to respect, protect and enhance those special features which give the village of Thornton-le-Street its distinctive character.

The VDS was last updated in July 2021.

Download the latest Village Design Statement (PDF).

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  1. Fascinated to look at the VDS. My great grandfather and his family's address in the 1901 census is the Stables, this appear to be near Ivy Cottage. His name was William Sanderson and he was a Game Watcher. At least 3 of his children were born in the village according to the census. He had moved by the 1911 Census. His father was a Game Keeper in nearby Newsham by Breckenbrough.