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Welcome to the Thornton-le-Street village website. We, the residents of the village, are proud to live in such a beautiful rural location. We are a small yet tight-knit community and we love living here.

We have the Yorkshire Dales not far to the West and the Yorkshire Moors a few miles to the East. And of course our village itself has a rich and interesting history. 

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St Leonard's Church Roof Replacement Update

It is several months since the specification and estimates for the replacement of St Leonard's church roof were prepared and submitted, so here is an update on the situation as it stands now. 

The original surveys and estimates for the roof replacement assumed that a majority of the existing slates on the roof could be re-used. However it was found that mos of the slates were in poor condition and that around 80% would need to be replaced.

Historic England had stipulated replacing worn slates with new and, as only 20% of existing slates could be re-used, it directed that the whole roof be recovered entirely with new slates.

This has three main problems: the cost of the slates is significantly more expensive; there is a lengthy delay fro the supply of new slates; and we need to make sure that the roof timbers are strong enough to hold the extra weight (new slates are thicker).

A survey has been carried out on the roof timbers and the report shows that the timbers are adequate.

All the information has been passed on to Historic England and we await their decision before our new application can be submitted at the end of March.

If you would like any further information or are interested in joining our team of researchers looking into the history of the church, its artefacts and its people, please contact Jackie Lee.

Many thanks to our supporters who continue to help in many varied ways.

Updated 27 February 2016